Bucket Elevator

DSB Bucket Elevators are highly functional and are in various applications as vertical lifting of material such as Maize, Bajra, Coffee, Coal, Ash, Rice, Sugar, food grains and other granular materials. Design is in such a way that On-site increase or decrease in height is possible. Higher speed of pulleys discharges material by centrifugal action. UHMWPE lining minimizes any type of wear and increases efficiency. The Belt and Bucket elevator DSB is designed for conveying up to 100 tons per hour.

High Operational Reliability

Zero speed switch and Hold - Back device ensures complete safe operation. Minimum maintenance is required due to self-cleaning and self-aligning pulleys supported by flanged bearing units at both the ends.

Salient Features:

  • Long life Cycle
  • High operational reliability
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Chain Conveyor

DSB Chain Conveyor is preferred for the horizontal and inclined transport of grain, malt, seed and any free flowing material. Design is in such a way that On-site increase or decrease in Length is possible. Self-lubricated bearings ensure less maintenance. DSB offers a wide range of conveyors for intake, distribution, connection and extraction with throughput capacities up to 100 t/h

High Operational Reliability

High plant availability owing to safety equipment such as overflow device in the driving station and optional speed control in the tensioning station.

Speed of the motor varies beyond tolerance limit, the sensor probe at tail end immediately gives signal to zero speed switch and the switch stops the motor, thus assuring complete safe operation.

High Wear Protection

High plant availability owing to safety equipment such as overflow device in the driving station and optional speed control in the tensioning station• Continuous plastic scrapers (UHMWPE) on each plate link in combination with a trough bottom of superior quality improve the life time of the chain conveyor considerably.

Screw Conveyor

DSB Screw conveyors are used for horizontal, and inclined conveying, wide range of conveying capacity & length.We supply these conveyors for Dal, Rice, Sugar,Cement, Soybean, Ash and Grain Flour as their specific requirement.Bottom cleaning doors can be provided as per the customer requirement.Maintenance Free Hanger Bearing is provided.

High Operational Reliability

Long Conveyors Overflow switch is used to prevent overflow of the Screw conveyor resulted due to jamming.

Belt Conveyor

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of belt conveyors and slider bed belt conveyors which is fabricated as per the specifications of our clients. These are manufactured using high grade raw material and are used for conveying practically various types of solids from powder/granules to bulk items.

  • We offered both type of belt conveyor open type and closed type.
  • Conveyor belt in two, three or four ply in rubber material.
  • Travel Idler made in 3 piece (trough type) return idler made in single piece, head pulley, tail pulley made from seamless pipe, main structure made out from ISMC steel section.

We offered belt in rubber material, food grade material or as per properly match with client application.


  • Reliable operation at high through put rates
  • Long service life and easy maintenance

Bag Stacker / Loader

This System is specially designed of Bag Handling & Loading System as per Customer requirement. The System provides total solution for handling bags from Go Down Up to Truck .The System may consist of equipment like Portable Bag Loader of Various Lengths, Bag Stackers, Bag Diverters, truck Loaders etc. Electronic Bag counter will be provided as an optional attachment. Bag Counter count bags electronically & stops the loader automatically after the required number of bags are passed through.

Drum Cleaner

Careful preliminary cleaning of grain or animal feeds reduces the wear and tear on the downstream equipment in the production process. The DSB Drum Cleaner reliably removes straw fragments, bag tapes, paper, pieces of wood, or corn (maize) cobs from fine- and coarse-grained bulk materials. This makes it an indispensable piece of equipment in materials receiving (intake) sections of bulk storage and transfer facilities or in processing plants such as grain mills, animal feed production plants, and rice mills.

  • Safety guards covering all the moving machine components effectively protect the operating personnel.
  • The overhung screen drum makes screen changes quick and easy.
  • The enclosed design of the drum cleaner and an aspiration connection ensure that also the surroundings of the machine will always remain clean. This reduces the time required for cleaning the plant.


DSB Destoner is applied for the efficient separation of stones and metal, glass and other high- density impurities from a stream of Grain.

The Destoner is used in mills processing common wheat, corn, rice and soybeans. The Destoner employed successfully in breweries, distilleries and in the production of ethanol.

A Dust collector with upstream fan removes dust particles from the air thus enabling dust free operation of the machine.

    Features -
  • Excellent Separation Efficiency.
  • Inclination of screens can be adjusted to achieve optimum degree of separation
  • Specially designed rubber balls /beaters to check sieve perforation clogging
  • Adapts optimally to customer needs.


DSB Classifier is used primarily for grain cleaning in the milling of wheat, corn (maize), soybeans, oats, Malt, millet and rice as well as in storage elevators. It separates coarse and fine impurities from grain via screening and classifies a broad range of materials according to size.Machine have Self Cleaning due increase Efficiency during Production Cycle.

    Features -
  • Efficient grain cleaning
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Specially designed rubber balls /beaters to check sieve perforation clogging
  • Minimum Vibration & noiseless Operation.

Rotary Sifter

Rotary Sifter has screening free flow material as well as Powder in Various sizes.

    Features -
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Vibration Free Operation.
  • Special Screen Cleaning Arrangement.
  • MOC of Screen Should beIS2062, GI &Stainless Steel.

Full Screen Hammer Mill

As its name implies, Full screen hammer mill have 80 % screening area as compare to 50 % in halfScreen hammer mill. This machine is an answer to many fine or coarse grinding problems that we usually face.Our Full screen hammer mill has so many other features also that make it an ultimate choice.Mill capacity from 8, 10 & 12 TPH (Depend on bulk density and moisture contain in grain)Suitable for all grains, size of grain is as under, Maize Size-10-12mm / Sorghum-3-6mm /Millet- 2-3 mm / Broken rice-2-4mm. Flour size from all grain for process i.e. Maximum 5%-8% above 0.8mm sieve size (above size material will be within 0.85mm range)

    Features -
  • Rotary Feeder with magnetic Separator and air control flap for equal distribution of grindables.
  • Rotor is dynamically balanced resulting in low noise and trouble free running.
  • Steel plate welded structure; motor and rotor are mounted on same base plate.
  • Easy access to the machine & simple sieve and hammer changes minimize downtime.
  • Sturdy and robust design best possible input to output power ratio.

Rotary Air Lock

ROTARY AIR LOCK is suitable for control discharging and feeding of powder or granular materials from Silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, bag filter, or cyclones.These valves are available in various material of construction like CI, SS304 and various sizes from 100 NB to 600 NB.

    Special feature are provided as,
  • Rigid Construction
  • Large inlet compared to rotor volume
  • Perfect Sealing
  • Round or Square inlet and outlet
  • Drop Through / Blow Through
  • Offset Entry
  • Direct Drive or Chain drive.
  • Pallet Design

Bin Activator

Bin Activator is the most economical yet crucial piece of the equipment for smooth functioning of material handling and processing plants. It is vibrating type & discharge is continuous at uniform rate. A specially engineered gyrator is mounted on discharge head to impact high frequency-low amplitude vibration.

    Special feature are provided as,
  • Bellow is provided to reduce vibration.
  • It consumes little power.
  • Available in various MOC like MS, Stainless Steel.
  • Maintenance free and smooth in operation

Manual / Motorized Slide Gate

Slide gate is used for control the flow of material. It is manually operated by using a hand wheel, Chain&Motor.They are available in various Sizes from SQ.150 to SQ.1000mm, As per Client Requirements.

    Special feature are provided as,
  • No leakage and easy to operate.
  • Simple, rugged, reliable and maintenance free device.
  • Available in various MOC like MS, StainlessSteel

Pneumatic Slide Gate Valve

Pneumatic slide gate is used for controlling device such as immediate start- stops flow by using a compressed air. Various Sizes from SQ.150 to SQ.1000mm are available as per Client Requirements.

    Special feature are provided as,
  • No leakage and easy to operate.
  • Minimum air required to operate.
  • Simple, rugged, reliable and maintenance free device.
  • Available in various MOC like MS, Stainless Steel.

Divertor Valve

As per client requirements,DSB Engineeringdevelops and manufactures two way, three way and six way grain Diverter. These diverters are available in three types viz. manually operated, pneumatically operated, Electrical Motor Drive operated.

Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic conveying is a core technology in the development of Sugar, Rice, and Adjunct handling systems for the process industries. Pneumatic conveying technologies are divided in vacuum conveying and pressure conveying. Both vacuum conveying and pressure conveying systems may employ the dilute phase or dense phase principle of operation. Either pressure or vacuum systems have their advantages, or choosing the best conveying method really depends on the application requirements.


Premasher is used to mix the hot water and grist in order to break up the clump of grist before moving to the mash conversion vessel.Special feature are provided as,

  • Inspection door & Safety switches are provided.
  • Maintenance free and smooth in Operation.
  • Premasher Diameters – 250 mm to 600 mm

Paddle Mixer

Paddle Mixer is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing of dry granules & powders homogeneously. Approximate two third of the volume of the container of Paddle Mixer is filled to ensure proper mixing. The Paddle Mixer gives best result for mixing of dry powder & granules due to the design and shape of the mixing ribbon and product container. It can be used for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetic products etc.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Accommodation of unique feed materials and feedstock combinations
  • Enhanced processing when incorporated into a larger process
  • Improved end product characteristics